Functional Food [New Arrivals]

What is the significance of functional foods?

Firstly, let us look back on your own eating habits.
It is most important to balance your diet with staple foods, mains and sides.
Always check the package for instructions and warnings and follow them carefully. The more you take does not necessarily correlate to more physical benefits. Excessive intake may even cause health risks. The package has indications for daily intake, how it should be taken and precautions, so please, read them accordingly and diligently.
If you feel any side effects stop taking the supplement immediately and please consult a doctor.
Our free dial telephone number is displayed clearly on the package. If you experience any health problems caused by the product please call Magokoro,.Co.Ltd 0120-0556-28

What is functional food?

Inquiries to the Consumer Affairs and Food Safety Agency at TEL: 03-3507-8800
“Functional Food” is a food product reported to the Consumer Affairs Agency by the business operator. It is the business operator’s responsibility to indicate the function of the product on the package based on scientific grounds.
Before buying the product, before taking the product, please carefully check the information on the package and the information published on the Consumer Affairs Agency website.
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