Magokoro's Weekly Diary

Good morning to all. Apologies for the absence of an entry yesterday. 

As you can see from the photo, today is fairly dark. A huge cloud covers Mt Gongen, parts of it are a fluffy, white, marshmallow and then, in contrast, we can see dim, ominous, dark grey fur blurring its pure presence.

The grey has brought sleet which whipped me across the face as I rode along the crisp riverside on this rather bleak looking morning. However, all is not lost. There are luminous blue patches in the sky that provide miniature spotlights down onto our vista. They give a sense of warm patches to come and hopefully a brighter future. As often happens with unpleasant weather conditions, the traffic is heavier and the people lining our riverside lessen. However, I can see a few brave souls walking along, wrapped up warm. There are also a few umbrellas on show. Are they just being cautious or is my optimism unfounded?

Disagreeable weather brings more illness so be sure to stay healthy. Drink Green Juice 7 PLUS everyday and get your vitamins! Stay fresh. 

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