Magokoro's Weekly Diary

The white clouds are sweeping through the sky this morning, changing the vista every minute. I captured the moment a beautiful round cloud almost appeared to perch on top of Mount Gongen. Like the star atop the Christmas tree. Yesterday tinsel, today the star. Advent began today. We opened the first door to our Advent calendars this morning amid squeals and whoops of delight and excitement from my children. What a wonderful time of year.

The sunshine has brought a few more morning exercisers to the riverside, I see friends, couples, partners walking and jogging up and down, wrapped up warm with scarves and hats but happy to be outside in the clear, fresh air. I wonder what supplements they are taking. Green Juice 7 PLUS, Morning Person maybe? Perhaps they are keeping their bones strong with our BonBone Soy Isoflavones? Take a look at our selection and decide for yourself.