Magokoro's Weekly Diary

Good morning to all. As I sit here in the office with my Green Juice 7 PLUS, my face gradually thawing out from the icy bike ride, I look out across at Mt Gongen with the snow dust still perching on it's trees and see that the sky well and truly is a hazy shade of winter. There is a huge, white, misty looking cloud looming to the west, it is completely obliviating Mt Gongen's neighbouring mountain. More than likely it is bringing more snow. Actually we, in Hiroshima, have been fairly lucky overnight. I was watching the news this morning and large parts of Japan have been blanketed in snow overnight making any commuting extremely difficult. Temperatures for today are predicted to be as low as -4 C in Hiroshima so take care folks. Wrap up warm if you need to go outside and just be very careful about those small patches of ice that so often can cause an accident. 

My New Year's resolution continues, a healthy dinner last night (no snacking after) and then a glass of Green Juice 7 PLUS before bed. Then a healthy breakfast this morning washed down with....? Yes, you guessed it, a glass of Green Juice 7 PLUS!

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"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."