Green Juice 7 PLUS [4589468720034]

Green Juice 7 PLUS [4589468720034]

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Item description

      Green Juice 7 PLUS

All the nutrients of Aojiru (green juice) mixed with the mellow flavor of green tea.

Green Juice (Japanese aojiru blended together with green tea for a mellow, easy to swallow, taste)

Green Juice 7 PLUS (Green Juice includes lactic acid bacteria)

Vegetable Salad Green Juice

Ingredients: Barley wakaba extract, lactic acid bacteria, carrot extract, spinach extract, kale extract, celery extract, bitter gourd extract, oligosaccharides. MADE IN JAPAN, domestic vegetable use.

How to drink
☆ 1 pack is 3g = please enjoy with 100 ml of water or mineral water.

1. First, pour 100 ml of water into a cup or glass→then open your Green Juice PLUS stick (3g) and pour the fresh juice powder in→then mix well until all the powder has dissolved (this should take about 7 seconds).

 2. After drinking the way described in (1) you will feel well nourished. While drinking you can taste a sweetness which is unique to freshly squeezed products (a feature of Green Juice 7 PLUS)  and then you can allow a wave of refreshment to wash over you. 

This is an extremely popular item.
Magokoro company’s commitmentNatural Extraction. 
Because we wait for natural extraction it cannot be mass produced.
☛Beware : Some companies apply heat pressure to speed up the extraction process.

CHECKPOINT: Recommended for people who

Want the Green juice nutrients but don’t enjoy the taste

☆Enjoy the flavour of green tea but are looking for even more nutrition

☆Drink vegetable juice daily

☆Are concerned about the dietary nutritional balance

☆Would like to relax their feelings

☆Are keen to keep an ideal waistline and improve dietary balance

☆Who are generally concerned about health, eat out or drink too much

Magokoro Trivia: As a guide, drink 3 glasses a day.
Mix 1-3 sticks a day with cold water or milk. Add honey for a sweeter taste.

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