Morning Person [4589468720041]

Morning Person [4589468720041]

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   Functional Food

   Morning Person

This is a very popular item. 
Functional Food

A “functional display food" from Magokoro containing L-theanine which helps you
to wake up in the mornings feeling in fine condition.
The ingredient L-theanine, commonly found in tea, has the power to unravel and
calm the mind and body.
Comfortable sleep can be obtained by restraining excitement in the brain,
calming the nerves and creating a relaxed state.
It has been confirmed that the quality of your rest improves and you feel highly refreshed when getting up.

Due to the ever-increasing use of smartphones and the games that they promote,
not only adults but also children really need to get more rest.

L-theanine improves sleep quality but it is not a sleeping pill.
When L-theanine is ingested alpha waves, that come out of the brain, increase and
help relaxation, improving concentration and memory.

Data showing that it relieves menstrual problems and menopausal disorder has also come out.


How to use
Take 3 capsules daily. One capsule contains 200 mg L-theanine

The effect of L-theanine begins 30 minutes after ingestion and lasts at least 2
Therefore, for better sleep, take 1 hour before bedtime.
Highly recommended!

Checkpoint: Recommended for people who 

〇 Sleep badly and cannot easily sleep

〇 Wake up many times during the night

〇 Wake up earlier than intended

〇 Have short sleep syndrome, always feel sleepy

〇 Want to improve the quality of sleep

〇 Want to relieve stress

〇 Want to improve concentration and memory

〇 Take too much caffeine and are tense

〇 Always feel strained

〇 And for growing children

Magokoro trivia: Take 3 capsules daily or every night.
A comfortable sleep and a 
refreshing morning is welcomed.


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