Magokoro's Weekly Diary

Not a cloud in the sky today, the boundless, infinite blue. The lack of cloud cover brings a spot of wind and, in the early morning, it's fairly chilly. But, clear, fresh air is a delight to gulp in, it's invigorating, stimulating. I arrived at work and poured myself a morning cup of Green Juice 7 PLUS, the greenness giving me a little more sparkle, a little more vigour. #feeling fresh

Our new signboards went up earlier this week. They are magnificent. Large and splendorous shining out the world. You can check out the pictures on my facebook page Ben Magokoro. 

Have a look on our net shop for all our health foods, drink and supplements and remember... Rich health, happy life! 

"Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay"