Magokoro's Weekly Diary

A beautiful view from the Magokoro office with the always splendid, looming presence of Mt Gongen in the background. As I look out the window I can see many people looking to stay healthy, exercising along the winding Ota river. Some, more adventurous than others, are taking a run, others speed walking and then there are a few couples enjoying a leisurely stroll in the brilliant sunshine. Perhaps they are taking their health supplements from Magokoro, we can supply what they need.

It is a trifle colder today but, with the leaves changing colour to their fabulous autumnal reds, oranges and yellows, it is days like this that make Japan, and particularly Hiroshima such a delight in which to live.

If you want to stay strong and healthy, why not try our BonBone Soy Isoflavones. They can keep you going for beautiful day after beautiful day.